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    In the summer of 2002, Matthew Goldstein created Cronusbot. Cronusbot could only serve a small set of users; nothing remotely close to what DoorManBot does today. After a few months of personal use, Curt Hostetter joined the project in hopes to bring it to the public. Matthew rewrote the entire system in the summer of 2003 and it was then reintroduced. The system quickly took off and reaches over 100,000 users each calendar year.

   The system is constantly being updated and changed. New restrictions and complications from the AIM servers force needed updates and additions. Due to such restrictions, it is not possible to run the same service that was first programmed. Something new is added to the system just about every month.

   Lately, the newest addition to the system is the web interface, programmed by Curt. This will allow users to read all new and old offline instant messages, delete pending messages to friends and family and view their message statistics.

   In September 2004, Matthew was awarded the Davidson Fellowship, a scholarship from The Davidson Institute for Talent Development to the college of his choice, after entering DoorManBot into their annual competition. This sparked many newspaper articles (Schenectady Sunday Gazette, Jewish World, The Spotlight) and even radio interviews (WGY Tech Valley Update). Matthew has presented the system at many fairs and competitions in the Albany area.

   Matthew achieved High Honors at the Capital District JSHS in February 2005, earning the right to present at the Upstate NY JSHS in March 2005. The project also won the Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award as well as 3 others (Mu Alpha Theta Award, The National Society of Professional Engineers Innovative Engineering Award, and the United States Army Award) at the Greater Capital Region Science and Engineering Fair in March 2005.

DoorManBot is entirely free to it's users. There is no plan to charge any kind of fee for the service. However, donations are greatly encouraged and appreciated. Money is constantly being put into hardware and supplies to improve the DoorManBot system.

You can use DoorManBot by sending a message to DoorManBot8 (replace SCREENNAME and MESSAGE with appropriate values).

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