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Note: DoorManBot will NOT appear on your buddylist.
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What is DoorManBot and what is Offline Messaging?
DoorManBot is a message-relaying system on AOL Instant Messenger for people wanting to leave a message for an offline buddy. DoorManBot delivers messages much like an answering machine does for phone calls. Essentially, DoorManBot records a user's message and delivers it to the recipient when he/she signs on. The great advantage of this is, you don't have to be online for your buddy to read your message, hence the term "Offline Messages".

How Do I Use DoorManBot?
Simple: If you want a friend of yours to get a message when they sign on, simply IM DoorManBot8 with a screenname of the buddy and your message.

For example:
AIMBuddy123:Hey! Call me when you get this message!

Why doesn't DoorManBot appear on my buddylist?
AOL has set a limit on how many buddylists a screenname can be on. Once a screenname is on ~2000 buddylists, AOL stops telling buddylists that the screenname is online. Most of the main DoorManBot screennames have reached this ~2000 buddylist limit, so if you still want a main bot on your list, click the "add bot" button to the left and check back often for new main bots that have not been capped.

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