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Why Donate To DoorManBot?

    Well, due to the overwhelming growth in the popularity of DoorManBot, users are now sending out more messages than ever before. Our slow, sluggish server cannot handle all the traffic and we're being forced to purchase new equipment. If we do not upgrade the server, we'll be forced to set a limit on how many messages a day are allowed from one user (and god forbid that happens!). Our goal is to raise around $250 for a new processor and motherboard. If you've got a verified PayPal account, please donate - even if it's 50 cents or a dollar, it's greatly appreciated. Your name (or website) will be posted below when you donate any amount; please be sure to send Curt an email to inform us of your donation.

So, if you're a regular user and you like our service, please consider donating. Click the button below.

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